Episode 63 - Mike Doyle | Cultural Engagement and The Importance of Maintaining a Prophetic Voice

In this conversation Mike & Clay speak with Pastor Mike Doyle about cultural engagement and the importance of maintaining a prophetic voice as well as the exciting possibilities of collaborative sermon preparation. 

Mike Neglia’s Easter to Pentecost series: http://www.calvarycork.org/series/the-risen-life/ 

Mike Doyle’s Easter to Pentecost series: https://movementnyc.squarespace.com/ascencsion 

Evan Wickham on collaborative sermon preparation: https://www.expositorscollective.com/podcast/2018/9/25/episode-14-sermons-should-be-prepared-in-community 

What is a “Xennial”anyway? :  https://www.businessinsider.com/xennials-born-between-millennials-and-gen-x-2017-11?r=US&IR=T

To hear more of Mike Doyle’s sermons visit: 


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