Episode 37 - Reading Full, Writing Empty and True Exposition

https://www.nateholdridge.com/proverbs  - Studio Series through Proverbs 

https://www.nateholdridge.com/nehemiah  - Studio Series through Nehemiah 

https://ia.net/writer :  Nate’s preferred word processing software. “ iA Writer removes distractions, giving you a calm, focused writing space. ”

https://www.nateholdridge.com/blog/20 - Longer post explaining step by step Nate’s process of “Read Full, Write Empty, Read Full, Write Empty”  (with screenshots)  - “this flows from prayerful, Spirit aided preparation. Jesus worked hard for his church, and the Spirit of Christ is now in us. With devotion, let us do the work required to declare God’s word with conviction.”

https://www.nateholdridge.com/sermonprep - 8 articles written by Nate about his sermon preparation process and advice to preachers. 

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